Elspeth Barker

Prize-winning author Learn More

Emily Penrose

(1858-1942) – Principal of Somerville 1907-1926 Learn More

Enid Starkie

(1897-1970) – Literary critic Learn More

Esther Rantzen

Journalist and television presenter Learn More

Farhana Yamin

Lawyer, public speaker and climate activist Learn More

Fiona Caldicott

(1941-2021) – Psychiatrist and health policy expert, Principal of Somerville 1996-2010 Learn More

Helen Darbishire

(1881-1961) – Literary scholar, Principal of Somerville 1931-1945 Learn More

Indira Gandhi

(1917-1984) – Prime Minister of India 1966-1977 and 1980-1984 Learn More

Iris Murdoch

(1919-1999) – Philosopher and Booker Prize-winning writer Learn More

Janet Dean Fodor

Professor Emerita of Linguistics Learn More

Janet Vaughan

(1899-1993) – Physiologist, Principal of Somerville 1945-67 Learn More

Joyce Reynolds

Classicist Learn More