Senior Common Room

What is the SCR (Senior Common Room)?

The SCR is the social forum for senior members of the College; it is also a room, located underneath the Hall, which may be entered from the Main Quad or via the Private Dining Room (PDR). The Senior Common Room is where newspapers and other publications are kept and where we take drinks and gather before dinner. For security reasons the SCR is kept locked by the card access system.

Membership of the SCR is wide, encompassing Fellows, Lecturers, some College staff, and retired academic staff.  The President of the SCR is a senior Fellow of the College, currently Benjamin Thompson.

Members whose entitlements make it likely that they will use the SCR fairly frequently are asked to pay a subscription towards the facilities of the SCR such as newspapers and presents for staff; Fellows are charged at a double rate. They are currently £70 for Fellows and £35 for Stipendiary Lecturers. Junior Research Fellows, Retaining Fee Lecturers, Honorary SCR members, and a number of other people are not charged.

The business of the SCR is transacted once each term at a meeting on the Friday of ‘0th Week’ (the week before Term begins properly) at 1:45 pm, with the charges for the year being set at the first meeting of the academic year

See the SCR handbook for more information, including information about regular meal arrangements


SCR facilities and special events


Hot drinks can be made in the SCR. As well as a kettle and a range of tea-bags, there is an espresso and cappuccino machine which is fairly simple to use, though it’s advisable to get somebody to show you the first time. Filter coffee is provided at lunch time. Tea and biscuits are provided on weekdays from 3.30-5.00 pm; during Full Term there are also sandwiches. Wednesday teas are more elaborate, being in principle designed to sustain those who have been in, or are about to attend, meetings, but of course all are invited to partake of the offerings.


Members are welcome to bring guests into the Common Room, and to various meals according to their entitlements (for which they should be signed in by the relevant method; see the handbook)

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