Undergraduate admissions feedback

Information for applicants and referees 

Somerville College does not offer detailed individual feedback to applicants, but we hope that the subject information provided on this page will prove informative and useful.

The general subject feedback below is provided by Oxford departments to help applicants and referees gain an insight into the shortlisting and selection process, and to provide some context to decisions.

It is important to remember that competition for places at Oxford is incredibly strong and the number of places is very limited. Tutors have to make very difficult decisions between extremely able candidates who are qualified or predicted to be qualified well above the entry requirements, and as the number of applications to Oxford increases each year while the number of places available remains static, it is unfortunately inevitable that increasing numbers of applicants will face disappointment.

You may also find it useful to refer to the selection criteria information published on the Oxford website.

Current cycle 2020/21 (UCAS cycle 2021)



2019/20 (UCAS cycle 2020)