Happy New Year everyone!

January is traditionally a time of both looking back on the old year and looking forward to the future. Thankfully, Michaelmas 2021 was a welcome return to normality, far better than anyone here at Oxford expected, even with our cautious optimism last October.

Our highlights included giving the 2020 leavers the send-off they deserved, which was made possible through generous support from our alumni; three wonderful Christmas formals, featuring the angelic voices of the Choir; the award of a full professorship to our Senior Research Fellow Patricia Kingori, making her one of the youngest women to be awarded a full professorship in Oxford’s 925-year history and the youngest Black professor at Oxford or Cambridge; and a moving commemoration service for the late Baroness Shirley Williams, which you can watch again here to remind yourself of why she is so deeply missed by everyone at Somerville. We want to go further and create a lasting legacy for Shirley here at Somerville by endowing our tutorial fellowship in Politics in her name. If you are interested in learning more or helping us to reach our fundraising target, please visit our page for the campaign or get in touch on development.office@some.ox.ac.uk.