Priya Garg

I graduated from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS). I am expecting to receive various gold medals for my academic performance, including subjects relating to commercial/corporate law and constitutional law (my area of interest). I finished my university education and the advanced years of my school education on a scholarships.

Hailing from a community traditionally comprising of businessmen and traders, as a commerce student at school and law student at university, I realised that I am most passionate about reading about businesses and their behaviour. Understanding and analysing the most ideal manner in which businesses could be regulated by commercial corporate law, especially in the Indian context, and advising such entities on commercial/ corporate law matters fascinate me. Therefore, I have written nine articles for IndiaCorpLaw, probably the only Indian blog to find a place on the Harvard Law School Corporate Governance blog’s blogroll, and various journal articles on corporate/commercial law issues. I have briefly worked at Khaitan & Co as a corporate law practitioner.

During the BCL programme, I wish to study subjects such as Comparative Corporate Law, Corporate Insolvency and Commercial Remedies. I am equally interested in opting for the course, Constitutional Theory, because constitution forms the grundnorm for all other laws, including commercial/corporate law, and I have strong interest in understanding politics of different countries through the lens of their constitution.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Sarosh Zaiwalla and OICSD for instituting the Ratanshaw Bomanji Zaiwalla Scholarship. Not only has the scholarship allowed me, someone hailing from family with limited means, to study at the University of Oxford but also has it given me the much-coveted opportunity to interact and collaborate with other scholars of the OICSD—both events being dream come true moments for me.