Steve Rayner

Senior Tutor, Tutor for Graduates and Tutor for Admissions

Steve Rayner holds a BA in Physics from Oxford (St Catherine’s – he was chromosomally ineligible for Somerville at the time) and a PhD from Durham.

Immediately before joining Somerville, Steve was Vice-Principal and Senior Tutor of Collingwood College, Durham. He was also a member of the Physics department there, taking an interest in Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy as a member of the H.E.S.S. collaboration which won the Descartes Prize in 2007 and the Rossi Prize in 2010 for opening up Astronomy at photon energies above 300 GeV.

Steve is personally committed to Somerville’s and the University’s aims to ensure that it is universally known that there are no barriers to admission based on irrelevant issues such as social or ethnic background, school type, or disability that might prevent people applying. He also plans to work hard to make it known that Somerville has the friendliest and most supportive environment to enable our students to excel in their studies and everything else. Steve is Somerville’s Disability Lead.

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