Michael Hayward

Fellow & Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry; Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

Dr Hayward’s research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of novel solids, with a particular interest in new electronic and magnetic materials.

A particular area of interest is the utilization of unusual synthetic techniques and conditions to increase the degree of control and selectivity exhibited by solid state reactions, with a view to undertaking the directed synthesis of ‘designed’ solid-state compounds. Synthetic effort in the group is focused in two major areas: Low-temperature Topochemical Manipulation of Solids and the Synthesis of Complex Cation-Ordered Phases.

Mike completed his D.Phil. in Oxford under the supervision of Prof. M.J. Rosseinsky (now at the University of Liverpool). After completing a period of post-doctoral research with Prof. R.J. Cava at Princeton University he returned to Oxford, initially as a Royal Society University Research Fellow and is now a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Fellow of Somerville College.

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