Patricia Owens

Fellow & Tutor in International Relations; Professor of International Relations
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Antony Palmer

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer
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Andrew Parker

Treasurer and Domestic Bursar
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Vivien Parmentier

Fellow & Tutor in Physics; Associate Professor in Particle Physics
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Godelinde Perk

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow
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Naomi Petela

Stipendiary Lecturer
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Luke Pitcher

Fellow & Tutor in Classics; Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature
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Tommy Pitcher

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Frans Plank

Senior Research Fellow in Linguistics; Professor of Linguistics and English Language, University of Konstanz
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Phillip Poole

Senior Research Fellow; Professor of Plant Microbiology
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Mason Porter

Senior Research Fellow; Professor of Mathematics, UCLA
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Charlotte Potts

Woolley Fellow & Tutor in Classical Archaeology; Sybille Haynes Lecturer in Etruscan and Italic Archaeology and Art
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