Richard Stone

Vice-Principal; Fellow & Tutor in Engineering; Professor of Engineering Science
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Almut Suerbaum

Fellow & Tutor in German; Associate Professor of German
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Annie Sutherland

Rosemary Woolf Fellow & Tutor in Old and Middle English; Associate Professor of English
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Rajesh Thakker

Professorial Fellow; May Professor of Medicine
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Benjamin Thompson

Fellow and Tutor in Medieval History; Associate Professor of Medieval History; Associate Head (Education) of Humanities Division, Oxford University
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Kerstin Timm

Stipendiary Lecturer; BHF CRE Intermediate Transition Research Fellow
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Damian Tyler

Additional Fellow and Tutor in Medicine; Professor of Physiological Metabolism; British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow; Director of MR Physics at the Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research (OCMR)
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Linus Ubl

Departmental Lecturer
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Renier van der Hoorn

Fellow & Tutor in Plant Sciences; Associate Professor of Plant Sciences
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Sridhar Vasudevan

Retaining Fee Lecturer
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Vilija Vélyvyté

British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow
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Roman Walczak

Senior Research Fellow
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