Anita Mehta

Academic Visitor and Consultant, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics
M.A. D.Phil. (Oxon); Fellow of the American Physical Society

Anita Mehta is an Academic Visitor and Consultant at the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.

Professor Mehta is a theoretical physicist of complex systems: in addition to her current research on the modelling of speech perception, she is working on heterogeneities in granular media, mechanisms of long-term memory ( ), agent-based modelling of risk and optimisation schemes for NP-complete problems. A Rhodes Scholar ( she did her MA and DPhil in theoretical physics at Oxford, and subsequently worked in Cambridge, Birmingham and India. She was a Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard in 2006-7, an EPSRC Fellow at the Clarendon Laboratory in Oxford in 1998-9, and is currently a Leverhulme Visiting Professor in Oxford. A Fellow of the American Physical Society, her other interests include writing (fiction and non-fiction), languages (she speaks English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi and French with native fluency, can get by in Italian and has a basic knowledge of Spanish) and Western classical music (she is a pianist and music  critic, see, e.g.

  • Storing and retrieving long term memories: cooperation and competition in synaptic dynamics
  • Patterning the insect eye: From stochastic to deterministic mechanisms
  • A neutron tomography study: probing the spontaneous crystallization of randomly packed granular assemblies
  • On the coexistence of competing languages
  • Heterogeneous contact networks in COVID-19 spreading: the role of social deprivation
  • Hearings and mishearings: decrypting the spoken word

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