Professor Caroline Barron OBE

Honorary Fellow
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Alice Barron

Stipendiary Lecturer
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Maan Barua

Associate, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development; University Lecturer in Human Geography, Cambridge University
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Professor Janet Bately CBE

Honorary Fellow
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Eleanor Bath

Stipendiary Lecturer; Departmental Lecturer in Biology (Behaviour), Department of Zoology
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Anthony Bell FRS

Senior Research Fellow; Emeritus Professor in Physics
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Diane Berry

Payroll Officer

Orna Ni Bhroin

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Elaine Boorman

College Accountant
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Dr Doreen Boyce

Honorary Fellow
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Alfie Brazier

JCR Men's and Gender Minorities Welfare Officer
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Richard Brearton

Retaining Fee Lecturer
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Felicity Brown

Stipendiary Lecturer
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Lesley Brown

Emeritus Fellow
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Dr Paula Pimlott Brownlee

Honorary Fellow
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Maria Caiazza

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Research Scientist
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Professor Dame Averil Cameron

Honorary Fellow
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David Cao

MCR President
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Margaret Casely-Hayford CBE

Honorary Fellow
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Simon Cassidy

Stipendiary Lecturer
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Juliette Caucheteux

Music Rep
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Esther Cavett

Stipendiary Lecturer at Somerville College; Senior Research Fellow, Kings College London
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Ana Sofia Cerdeira

Retaining Fee Lecturer
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Sumedha Chakravarthy

Matric Year: 2021 - Subject: MSc Modern South Asian Studies - Scholarship: Indira Gandhi-Radhakrishnan Scholar
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