Matthew Wood

Senior Research Fellow; Professor of Neuroscience
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Ian Wooldridge

Senior Treasury Assistant (Battels and Cashbook)
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Farhana Yamin

Honorary Fellow
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Professor Julia Yeomans

Honorary Fellow
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Jackie Yip

Regular Giving and Alumni Relations Executive
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Lucy Young

Academic Registrar
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Grace Yu

JCR IT and Communications Officer
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Shamsideen Yusuf

Student Welfare Advisor
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Faridah Zaman

Fellow & Tutor in History; Associate Professor of the History of Britain and the World
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Silvia Zanoli

Fulford Junior Research Fellow
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Amina Zarzi

Stipendiary Lecturer in French
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Roxanne Zhang

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Yifan Zhang

Stipendiary Lecturer

Noa Zilberman

Fellow & Tutor in Engineering; Associate Professor of Engineering Science
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Rocco Zizzamia

Fulford Junior Research Fellow
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