Tariq Saeed

JCR Vice President

Hey! My name is Tariq (He/They).

I’m a 3rd year Biologist and the current JCR Vice-President. My role as VP (or ‘Veep’ as it is also called) spans a whole range of things from representing Somerville JCR at the SU’s Student Council, supporting other JCR officers (particularly our amazing JCR president!), and even organising stash (our college merch) collection each term!

As I was previously our JCR’s Ethnic Minorities Officer (and alongside my other roles within the SU LGBTQ+ Campaign and Campaign for Racial Equality and Awareness) I am particularly interested in equality within college! As a result, I also co-chair our JCR’s Equality Committee and sit on the colleges’ Equality and Diversity Working group! The role of VP is large loosely defined but being able to do a great range of things on the JCR is what makes it such a fun and rewarding role!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/concerns!

– veep :))

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