Steven Simon

Professorial Fellow; Professor of Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics

Professor Simon is a physicist interested in quantum effects and how they are manifested in phases of matter.

He has recently been studying phases of matter known as “topological phases” that are invariant under smooth deformations of space-time. He is also interested in whether such phases of matter can be used for quantum information processing and quantum computation. Before coming to Oxford, Dr. Simon was a research director at Bell Laboratories, an industrial research laboratory.


Non-Abelian anyons and topological quantum computation
Reviews of Modern Physics 80:3 (2008) 1083-1159
C Nayak, SH Simon, A Stern, M Freedman, S Das Sarma

Transport in bilayer graphene near charge neutrality: Which scattering mechanisms are important?
Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 124 (2020) 026601
G Wagner, DX Nguyen, Steven Simon

Wavefunctionology: The Special Structure of Certain Fractional Quantum Hall Wavefunctions
Chapter in Fractional Quantum Hall Effects: New Developments, World Scientific (2020)
Steven Simon

Classical dimers on penrose tilings
Physical Review X American Physical Society 10 (2020)
Felix Flicker, SH Simon, Parameswaran

Superconducting order of Sr2RuO4 from a three-dimensional microscopic model
Physical Review Research American Physical Society 1 (2019)
H Roising, T Scaffidi, F Flicker, G Lange, Steven Simon

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