Stephen Roberts

Professorial Fellow; Professor of Machine Learning; Head of Machine Learning Research Group; Director of CDT in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems

Stephen Roberts (FREng, FIET, MInstP, CEng, CPhys) is Professor of Machine Learning in the Department of Engineering Science.

He leads the Machine Learning Research Group and is Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems. His main research interests lie in the application and development of mathematical methods in data analysis and data-driven machine learning, in particular statistical learning and inference and their application to complex problems in science and engineering.

Recent research has focused on non-parametric Bayesian models for multi-sensor data fusion, system optimisation and network analysis. Particular emphasis is placed on the real-world applications of advanced theory and over many years he has applied these statistical methods to diverse problems in astrophysics, biology, finance and engineering as well embedding them in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.


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