Samantha Dieckmann

Fellow & Tutor in Music; Associate Professor in Music Faculty of Music

Samantha Dieckmann is a Music Educationist whose work crosses over into community music and applied ethnomusicology.

Before joining Somerville College and the Faculty of Music in September 2018, she held a postdoctoral research fellowship at The University of Melbourne with the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions.

Samantha was awarded her DPhil and Bachelor of Music (Music Education) (Hons Class I) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney.

Samantha’s program of research examines how intercultural relations play out in a range of music education settings, with a focus on the musical lives of migrant and former refugee communities in resettlement contexts. Music Education is broadly conceived, and her projects have involved looking at music-making across a range of classroom, extracurricular, community music intervention and self-directed community music contexts. There are three strands to her research, evident across all the projects in which she’s been involved:

* How music intersects with peoples’ individual and collective cultural identities

* The infrastructures that shape how intercultural music engagement – the space in-between – is experienced

* How music is functionalised to address the challenges and conflicts that can arise in resettlement contexts

Samantha has published on these topics in journals and edited volumes across music education, community music and ethnomusicology.

Between 2012 and 2017 Samantha served as Assistant Editor of Research Studies in Music Education and she now sits on the Editorial Board for International Journal of Community Music.

Samantha’s public engagement outputs include lectures at Melbourne Recital Centre, public programmes for an exhibition at Multicultural Museums Victoria and lead stories in The Conversation, with the work attracting media coverage on ABC Melbourne and Radio New Zealand.

With experience as a secondary music teacher and community music facilitator, Samantha delivers undergraduate courses on History and Philosophy of Music Education and Music in the Community.


Krause, Amanda & Kirby, Melissa & Dieckmann, Samantha & Davidson, Jane. (2019). From dropping out to dropping in: Exploring why individuals cease participation in musical activities and the support needed to reengage them.. Psychology of Aesthetics Creativity and the Arts. 14. 401-414. 10.1037/aca0000268.

Dieckmann, Samantha & Davidson, Jane. (2019). Peace, Empathy and Conciliation through Music. International Journal of Community Music. 12. 293-299. 10.1386/ijcm_00001_2.

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