Richard Stone

Vice-Principal; Fellow & Tutor in Engineering; Professor of Engineering Science

Richard Stone (FIMechE, FREng, FSAE) is one of Somerville’s Engineering Tutorial Fellows.

His research interests are the modelling and measurement of combustion and heat transfer in spark ignition engines, cryogenic systems, and the measurement of laminar burning velocities in zero gravity.


Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines

Correlations for the laminar-burning velocity of methane/diluent/air mixtures obtained in free-fall experiments
R Stone, A Clarke, P Beckwith
Combustion and Flame 114 (3-4), 546-555

Automotive engineering fundamentals
R Stone, JK Ball
SAE Technical Paper

A study of mixture preparation and PM emissions using a direct injection engine fuelled with stoichiometric gasoline/ethanol blends
L Chen, R Stone, D Richardson
Fuel 96, 120-130

Modelling of Nitric Oxide Formation in Spark Ignition Engines with a Multi-zone Burned Gas
RR Raine, CR Stone, J Gould
Combustion and Flame 102, 241-255

Particle number emissions from a range of European vehicles
M Braisher, R Stone, P Price
SAE Technical Paper

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