Renaud Lambiotte

Fellow & Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems

Renaud Lambiotte is a Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems.

His main research interests are the modelling and analysis of large networks, with a particular focus on clustering and temporal networks, and applications in social and neuronal systems. He is Associate Editor for Science Advances and a Turing Fellow. See more here.

Renaud Lambiotte has a PhD in Physics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Following postdocs at ENS Lyon, Université de Liège, UCLouvain and Imperial College London, and a Professorship in Mathematics at the University of Namur, he is currently Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University.


Selected Publications

Cabral, J., Castaldo, F., Vohryzek, J., Litvak, V., Bick, C., Lambiotte, R., … & Deco, G. (2022). Metastable oscillatory modes emerge from synchronization in the brain spacetime connectome. Communications Physics, 5(1), 184.

Devriendt, K., & Lambiotte, R. (2022). Discrete curvature on graphs from the effective resistance. Journal of Physics: Complexity, 3(2), 025008.

Bovet, A., Delvenne, J. C., & Lambiotte, R. (2022). Flow stability for dynamic community detection. Science advances, 8(19), eabj3063.

Devriendt, K., Martin-Gutierrez, S., & Lambiotte, R. (2022). Variance and covariance of distributions on graphs. SIAM Review, 64(2), 343-359.

Oliver, N., Lepri, B., Sterly, H., Lambiotte, R., Deletaille, S., De Nadai, M., … & Vinck, P. (2020). Mobile phone data for informing public health actions across the COVID-19 pandemic life cycle. Science advances, 6(23), eabc0764.

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