Professor Jenny Glusker

Honorary Fellow

Jenny Pickworth is a protein crystallographer who worked in Dorothy Hodgkin’s lab, where her work on the hexacarboxylic acid derivative of vitamin B12 revealed the structure of the corrin ring. 

At the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia where she was first a member of Lindo Patterson’s lab and later a principal investigator, she continued her interest in B12 structures.  Her research focus has included small-molecule structures related to cancer; the structural aspects of the Krebs cycle and citrates; metal-ion coordination in proteins; the interaction of ligands with metal ions; and the enzymes aconitase and xylose isomerase.  She is the recipient of many awards, notably the Fankuchen Award of the ACA and the Garvan Medal of the American Chemical Society.  Her many professional contributions include serving as President of the ACA in 1979 and as editor of Acta Crystallographica D (macromolecules).

One of Dr. Glusker’s major interests is crystallography education; the 3rd edition of the popular textbook Crystal Structure Analysis: A Primer by Glusker & Trueblood appeared in 2010.  She is the co-author or co-editor of a number of books on crystallography and the history of crystallography.

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