Professor Gillian Clark

Gillian Clark is Professor Emerita (since 2010) of Ancient History at the University of Bristol. She read Greats (Greek and Latin language and literature, ancient history, and philosophy) at Somerville, and also took her MA and DPhil here.

After Oxford, Professor Clark taught at the universities of Glasgow, St Andrews, and Manchester before her appointment to Liverpool and then to Bristol. Her research field is known to classicists as late antiquity and to theologians as early Christian studies or patristics. She works on social and intellectual history, with a special interest in the lives of women. Her continuing project is a commentary on Augustine, City of God.

Professor Clark also co-edits, with Andrew Louth FBA, the monograph series Oxford Early Christian Texts / Studies (OUP), and she is a General Editor of the series Translated Texts for Historians 300-800 (Liverpool University Press), which provides scholarly annotated translations from the languages of the Roman empire and its neighbours and successors.



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Augustine, Confessions 1-4 (edition and commentary)
Clark, EG., 1995, x ed. Cambridge University Press.

Women in Late Antiquity: pagan and Christian lifestyles
Clark, EG., 1993, Oxford University Press.


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