Professor Dame Angela McLean

Honorary Fellow

Professor Dame Angela McLean DBE FRS is a professor of Mathematical Biology in the Department of Zoology at Oxford University and Director of The Institute for Emerging Infections of Humans.

She was appointed as the Chief Scientific Adviser for the Ministry of Defence and in September 2019 and served as Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Angela’s research interests lie in the use of mathematical models to aid our understanding of the evolution and spread of infectious agents. She is also interested in the use of natural science evidence in formulating public policy and has co-developed the Oxford Martin School Restatements: an activity which restructures and presents the evidence underlying an issue of policy concern or controversy in a short, uncharged, intelligible form for non-technical audiences.

Angela established Mathematical Biology at the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council’s Institute for Animal Health in 1994. Before this, Angela was a Royal Society Research Fellow at Oxford University and a Research Fellow at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

In 2009 Angela was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. She has been awarded the Gabor Medal in 2011 and the Weldon Memorial Prize in 2018. She received her damehood in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

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