Nisha Singh

Stipendiary Lecturer

Nisha Singh is a senior postdoctoral researcher in psychopharmacology at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford.

Prior to this, she worked at King’s College, London where she trained in PET imaging as part of an MRC funded program. Nisha completed her DPhil in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford. Her project involved identifying and developing a repurposed drug, ebselen, for the treatment of bipolar disorder. Ebselen is currently undergoing a clinical trial in Oxford for efficacy in mania. Nisha has a keen interest in drug and biomarker development, especially in the field of psychopharmacology.


‘Gestational methylazoxymethanol acetate administration alters α5GABAA and NMDA receptor density: An integrated neuroimaging, behavioral and pharmacological study’
Journal article
Kiemes A. et al, (2021)

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