Naveed Akbar

Research Fellow; Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Science

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Human Biology, followed by an MSc in Biomedical Sciences, during which I developed a keen interest in vascular biology and gained expertise in synthesizing and fabricating nanoparticles for vascular targeting.

Subsequently, I earned my PhD in Medicine and Therapeutics from the University of Dundee, where my research focused on investigating innate immune signaling cascades in vascular inflammation using in vivo imaging techniques.

As a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow, my research lab is dedicated to unraveling the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in cardiovascular and metabolic inflammation. EVs are nanoscale vesicles produced by cells, which serve as vehicles for intercellular communication. They carry potent instructions that can profoundly influence the behavior and functions of recipient cells, particularly within the immune system. My current work centers on understanding how these concealed messages trigger immune responses following a heart attack. This immune system activation plays a crucial role in exacerbating injury, ultimately affecting patient health and well-being. I am exploring the diagnostic potential of EVs to better stratify patients for post-heart attack treatment and their utility as tools for therapeutic targeting.

Public Engagement

I have actively participated in public engagement activities, particularly through the “Pint of Science” initiative ( Pint of Science aims to facilitate the communication of cutting-edge research to the public in an engaging and approachable manner by bringing scientists to local pubs. In Oxford, where I have coordinated our efforts for the past 8 years, we organize 19 events annually, attracting more than 800 attendees. Our festival in Oxford is entirely driven by dedicated researcher volunteers, and it has facilitated over 200 researchers in engaging with the public. This has empowered them to lead their own public engagement initiatives across the UK.

Where Next?