Naomi Petela

Stipendiary Lecturer


‘Transport of DNA within cohesin involves clamping on top of engaged heads by Scc2 and entrapment within the ring by Scc3’
James E Collier, Byung-Gil Lee, M. B. Roig, S. Yatskevich, Naomi J. Petela, Jean Metson, Menelaos Voulgaris, Andres Gonzalez Llamazares, J. Löwe, K. Nasmyth
Chemistry, Medicine

‘Scc2 counteracts a Wapl-independent mechanism that releases cohesin from chromosomes during G1’
M. Srinivasan, Naomi J. Petela, Johanna C. Scheinost, James E Collier, Menelaos Voulgaris, Maurici B Roig, Frédéric Beckouët, Bin Hu, K. Nasmyth
Chemistry, Medicine

‘Multiple interactions between Scc1 and Scc2 activate cohesin’s DNA dependent ATPase and replace Pds5 during loading’
Naomi J. Petela, Thomas G. Gligoris, Jean Metson, Byung-Gil Lee, Menelaos Voulgaris, B. Hu, S. Kikuchi, Christophe Chapard, Wentao Chen, E. Rajendra, Madhusudhan Srinivisan, H. Yu, J. Löwe, K. Nasmyth
19 October 2017

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