Michael Hayward

Sue and Kevin Scollan Fellow & Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry; Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Dr Hayward’s research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of novel solids, with a particular interest in new electronic and magnetic materials.

A particular area of interest is the utilization of unusual synthetic techniques and conditions to increase the degree of control and selectivity exhibited by solid state reactions, with a view to undertaking the directed synthesis of ‘designed’ solid-state compounds. Synthetic effort in the group is focused in two major areas: Low-temperature Topochemical Manipulation of Solids and the Synthesis of Complex Cation-Ordered Phases.

Mike completed his D.Phil. in Oxford under the supervision of Prof. M.J. Rosseinsky (now at the University of Liverpool). After completing a period of post-doctoral research with Prof. R.J. Cava at Princeton University he returned to Oxford, initially as a Royal Society University Research Fellow and is now a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Fellow of Somerville College.


‘Switching between Proper and Hybrid-Improper Polar Structures via Cation Substitution in A(2)La(TaTi)O-7 (A = Li, Na)’, Mallick, S, Fortes, AD, Zhang, W, Halasyamani, PS, Hayward, 2021, Chemistry of Materials Vol 33 Issue 7

‘Polar Structures of KNdNb2O7 and KNdTa2O7’ Mallick, S, Gibbs, AS, Zhang, W, Halasyamani, PS, Benedek, NA, Hayward, MA, 2020, Chemistry of Materials Vol. 32 Issue 18

‘LaSrCo0.5Rh0.5O3.25 and LaSrNi0.5Rh0.5O3.25:Topochemically Reduced, Mixed Valence Rh(I)/Rh(III) Oxides.’ Xu, Z, Palgrave, RG, Hayward, MA, 2020, Inorganic Chemistry Vol. 59 Issue 18

‘Structure and magnetism of the Rh4+-containing perovskite oxides La0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Rh0.5O3 and La0.5Sr0.5Fe0.5Rh0.5O3’, Hasanli, N, Scrimshire, A, Bingham, PA, Palgrave, RG, Hayward, MA, 2020, Daltan Transactions, Royal Society of Chemistry

‘Preparation of the noncentrosymmetric ferrimagnetic phase La0.9Ba0.1Mn0.96O2.43 by topochemical reduction’, Parsons, T, Hadermann, J, Halasyamani, P, Hayward, M, 2020, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 287

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