Helen Ashdown

Janet Vaughan Tutor in Clinical Medicine (Somerville); General Practitioner; Doctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Dr Helen Ashdown is a GP and clinical researcher based in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

She is responsible for clinical medicine teaching at Somerville. Helen completed her pre-clinical training at Cambridge, before moving to Oxford for her clinical studies and post-graduate training in academic general practice. She is now an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care in Oxford. Her principal research interests are in diagnosis in primary care, particularly the use of medical devices to improve the diagnosis and monitoring in respiratory disease, and infection and child health. She is currently undertaking research into the role of blood eosinophils to predict responsiveness to inhaled steroids for patients with COPD in primary care. She is also working on studies investigating temperature variation during chemotherapy treatment, workload in general practice, and also research in influenza in children, investigating which children are at higher risk of complications of influenza and how these children are currently managed in primary care.

Previous projects have been diverse, including antibiotic prescribing practice in conjunctivitis, childhood immunisation, diagnostic accuracy of breathalyser devices available for purchase by the public and even whether speed bumps can be a useful diagnostic tool for appendicitis. Helen also works part-time as a GP in Oxford.



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