Hanne Eckhoff

College Lecturer

I work on historical Slavonic linguistics, especially Old Church Slavonic and the history of Russian.

I am a historical corpus linguist, and ever since I got my PhD I have been committed to building diachronic text corpora (treebanks) for Russian and Church Slavonic, within a wider initiative to build such resources for early attestations of the major Indo-European branches. My research centers on the history of verbal aspect and definiteness marking in East and South Slavic, and I also do contrastive work, especially on Old Church Slavonic and Greek. I also publish on methodological and computational topics related to my practical corpus building work.

I took my PhD in Russian Linguistics at the University of Oslo in 2007. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oslo from 2008 to 2013, and a Senior Researcher and briefly Associate Professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway from 2013 to 2017, attached to several projects in the field of historical corpus linguistics. I joined Lady Margaret Hall as Fellow and Tutor in Russian and Linguistics in 2017. I also give tutorials to Somerville students.


A corpus approach to the history of Russian po delimitatives
Nov 2018

The added value of diachronic treebanks for historical linguistics.
Eckhoff, Hanne & Luraghi, Silvia & Passarotti, Marco.
Diachronica. 35. 297-309. (2018).

Quantifying syntactic influence: Word order, possession and definiteness in Old Church Slavonic and Greek: The Interplay between Internal Development, Language Contact and Metalinguistic Factors

Overlaps in spatial encodings: Evidence from the Indo-European translations of the New Testament.
Thomason, Olga & Eckhoff, Hanne.

Aspect and prefixation in Old Church Slavonic.
Eckhoff, Hanne & Haug, Dag. (2015).
Diachronica. 32.

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