Fay Probert

Dorothy Hodgkin Career Development Fellow

Fay graduated from Warwick University with a BSc in Mathematics before moving to the Department of Chemistry where she completed an MSc in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry.

Since completing her PhD in Analytical Chemical Biology, Fay has worked at Bruker (UK) and the Medical Research Council (Harwell) applying analytical chemistry techniques, with a focus on NMR spectroscopy, to a range of biological and medical research questions. Throughout her postdoctoral career, Fay’s research has focused on using a multidisciplinary combination of analytical chemistry, mathematics, and biology techniques to understand the chemistry of small molecule pathways associated with disease. In particular, Fay is interested in better understanding the chemical processes associated with inflammation in the brain with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

Fay joined the Department of Pharmacology at Oxford in October 2015 as a senior postdoctoral researcher in the Anthony lab managing a small team of metabolomics researchers and leading several projects which aim to develop NMR metabolomics and multivariate statistical methods to better diagnose, monitor, and predict treatment response in inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. In 2018, Fay was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Somerville College, Oxford.

In 2021 Fay was a awarded a Dorothy Hodgkin Career Development Fellowship in the Chemistry Department. 

Fay has received research funding from the MS Society, MRC, EPSRC, BSRC, Merck, and Numares AG.


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