Esther Cavett

Retaining Fee Lecturer; Senior Research Fellow, Kings College London

Dr Esther Cavett teaches music theory and analysis to the music students in Somerville.

Alongside her work at Somerville, she is a Senior Research Fellow in the music department at King’s College, London, where she is involved in a project with the psychology department evaluating Music Residences and similar music interventions in mental health settings (, she is a trustee of The Society of Music Theory (SMA), trustee & sponsor for the SMA Music Literacy research programme ( and co-ordinator of the King’s St George’s Academy, which runs small group, after school music teaching for children living in Southwark, involving King’s College, London students as teaching assistants ( She set up and now assists in the running of Water City Music, a charity providing access to performance opportunities for musicians of all skills levels, working collaboratively (

Her recent research has focussed on music and mentoring, the autoethnography of writing academically about music, and the perception of repetition in the music of English contemporary composer Howard Skempton. Since lockdown she has been busy converting her outreach work to accessible online formats.


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