Dan Rogers

Research Fellow; Associate Professor of Science Engineering

Dan’s principle research interest is the control and management of electrical energy using power electronic circuits and systems.

Power electronics is found across a huge range of modern engineered systems, including in electricity grids (smartgrids), renewable generation, electric vehicles, medical systems, and in consumer electronics. Alongside his principle research interest in power electronics, Dan also has interests in grid-connected energy storage systems and electrification in the developing world.

Dan leads the Power Electronics Group in the Department of Engineering Science, where he and his team work on a broad range of projects. Recent examples include demonstrating extremely power-dense power converters using advanced cooling systems, and the design of precisely controllable magnetic pulse generators for non-invasive brain stimulation. The Group works closely with industry and has a track record of taking new technologies from concept to laboratory demonstrator to industrial practice.


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A Comparison of the Hard-switching Performance of 650V Power Transistors with Calorimetric Verification
DJ Rogers, J Bruford, A Ristic-Smith, K Ali, P Palmer, E Shelton
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Distributed Secondary Control Based on Dynamic Diffusion Algorithm for Current Sharing and Average Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrids
D Liao, F Gao, DJ Rogers, W Huang, D Liu, H Tang
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Fast Switching of High Power GaN Transistors
E Shelton, D Rogers, L Lu, L Kou, J Castellino, P Palmer
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Generation of controllable magnetic stimuli
T Denison, DJ Rogers, MM SORKHABI
US Patent App. 17/801,012

xTMS: A Pulse Generator for Exploring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapies
K Ali, K Wendt, MM Sorkhabi, M Benjaber, T Denison, DJ Rogers
2023 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), 1875-1880

Cryogenic rds (on) of a GaN power transistor at high currents
J Bruford, DJ Rogers, T Rodriguez

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A linear regression data compression algorithm for an islanded DC microgrid
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Fast Switching of High Current WBG Power Devices
E Shelton, A Ristic-Smith, J Bruford, D Rogers, J Carter, L Louco, …
PCIM Europe 2022; International Exhibition and Conference for Power …

Modified Minimum Spanning Tree for Optimised DC Microgrid Cabling Design
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