Dan Rogers

Research Fellow; Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering

Professor Dan Rogers completed an MEng (2007) in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department and then a PhD (2011) in the Control and Power Group, both at Imperial College London. Following this, he was a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in the CIREGS group in the School of Engineering at Cardiff University.

Dan joined Oxford in 2016 and is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science. His research is focused on electrical power conversion and power systems, including power electronics, energy storage, microgrids and smart grids.

Dan’s research group develops power electronics technology for grid, industry and transport. The group works across the broad area of circuits, systems and control in power electronics, ranging from large-scale modular multi-level energy storage systems, high speed control and communication for resilient microgrids, down to energy harvesting at the microwatt level.

Current areas of work are:

  • Very large modular power conversion systems for energy storage
  • Active gate drives and gate drive optimisation
  • DC microgrids, including efficient robust affordable converter design, distributed control systems and high speed communication
  • Thermal modelling of dense power modules
  • Energy harvesting for novel generators
  • Application of Gallium Nitride power devices in very high bandwidth power amplifiers

Power electronics is a key enabling technology for future grids and transport systems. The group therefore works closely with colleagues in power systems, the transport sector and industry in the UK and internationally.


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