Welfare and Disability

Student health and welfare is a top priority at Somerville, and the level of pastoral support is high.

Many College staff play a part in ensuring student well-being, including the College Doctor and Nurse. All students have a Personal Tutor with whom they can discuss any problems, both academic and personal. The Academic Registrar and Senior Tutor can offer advice and practical support. In addition, each student has an annual meeting with the Principal, which is an opportunity to discuss academic and non-academic matters alike.

Somerville students are generally very supportive of each other. The JCR Welfare Officers’ doors are always open to students with any sort of problem, as are those of the Peer Supporters (whose members are trained by the University Counselling Service).

The Academic Registrar co-ordinates welfare provision in the college and provides welfare support to students during office hours. The Dean and the Junior Deans oversee non-academic student discipline, and provide welfare support to students outside of office hours.

The Junior Deans live in College, and one of them is on call every evening, night and weekend during full term. They are available to provide guidance and support, and to ensure that the needs and interests of the College, and of all the College members, are respected. Deans’ Regulations & Decanal Disciplinary Procedure explains students’ obligations as members of the College community.

For more information on the college’s welfare procedure please see:

JCR & MCR Welfare Booklet

Welfare Support – A Guide for students

Policy on Confidentiality and circulation of welfare related information

We would also like to direct your attention to the University Counselling Service, open to all students, which is just round the corner from Somerville. Visit its Web page here.

The Academic Registrar is the College Disability contact. Please contact her at jo.ockwell@some.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions relating to disability. The College’s Disability Lead is the Senior Tutor. The college operates within the Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students. Students can also contact the Disability Advisory Service for advice about a range of issues and also regarding the Disabled Students’ Allowance.