ICT Services and Support

For Help and Support on all IT matters within Somerville, please visit https://blogs.some.ox.ac.uk/ict/

IT Office Staff

  • IT Systems Manager: Chris Bamber
  • IT Systems Engineer: Abdur Razzak
  • AV Technical Services Manger: Dave Young
  • IT Support Assistant – Li He

General Advice

Choosing a Computer
We can only give you some general advice, as your computing needs will be different depending upon your chosen subject. The large majority of student computers are laptops as users will take them to work in the libraries and departments around the University. Always make sure you have some hardware support for your computer, and make sure you have valid insurance covering the whole cost of your computer while at university.

Operating System
Windows, Macintosh or Linux, all are supported to an extent within the College and the University. The Colleges computers are Windows based, as are the majority of student computers. Again this will be a personal choice, although we would suggest you think carefully about the software you might require on your course, check with your subject department for further information.
You must make sure that your computer has the latest service pack or security patches installed.

If you have any questions, please visit https://blogs.some.ox.ac.uk/ict/