2008 10th Reunion Dinner

23rd February 2019

We are delighted to host a 10-year reunion for Somerville alumni who matriculated in 2008 on 23rd February 2019. There will be a drinks reception in the Mary Somerville Room at 6.45pm, followed by dinner in Hall at 7.30pm. The evening promises to be a wonderful opportunity to return to Somerville and reminisce about your time here, and we hope to see many of you there!

Tickets for the reunion are £35 each, and you may book online here. Alternatively, please call Amelia via telephone on 01865 280626 to book.


List of Attending

  • Robin Aggleton (Physics)
  • Masuma Ahuja (PPE)
  • Lucy Arora (History)
  • Jess Atkinson (née Hollies, Jurisprudence)
  • Joe Atkinson
  • Magdalina Atkinson (née Dulguerova, Jurisprudence)
  • Sarah Barrett (Experimental Psychology)
  • Adiya Belgibayeva (2011, Economics)
  • Sara Binney (English and Modern Languages)
  • David Blagbrough (PPE)
  • Katie Borg (Human Sciences)
  • Jack Brady (Biology)
  • Katharine Brady (née Piddington, Medical Sciences)
  • Constantin Calavrezos (PPE)
  • Liz Cooke (née Greenwood, 1964, Modern History)
  • Nick Cooper (PPP)
  • Charlotte Cornish
  • Janine Defeo (History)
  • Sally Dickinson (English)
  • Niall Gallagher
  • James Gundry (Physics)
  • Alex Gunn (CAAH)
  • Philippa Gunn (2009, CAAH)
  • Lisa Gygax (1987, PPE)
  • Dan Hinge
  • David Hodgkiss
  • Mike Johnson (PPE)
  • Sophie Jones (History and Modern Languages)
  • Ran Ju (Maths and Computer Science)
  • David Mannion (Biology)
  • Liam McDermott (Engineering)
  • John Mcelroy (Music)
  • Josie Messa (Maths)
  • Claire Morley (Modern Languages)
  • Robert Parker
  • Helena Powell (History)
  • Matt Rattley (Chemistry)
  • Jane Taylor (English)
  • Kate Taylor (née Fallows, History)
  • David Thomas (Physics)
  • Jessica Turner
  • Joe Turner (Biology)
  • Andrea White (PPP)
  • Jessica Whittlestone (Maths and Philosophy)
  • Clara Williams (Maths)
  • Juliane Zachhuber (Lit.Hum.)
  • Almat Zhantikin (Maths and Statistics)

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