1988 30th Reunion

16th March 2019

To celebrate 30 years since Matriculation, join us in Somerville for a Reunion Lunch and afternoon tea. Click here to book.

The reunion programme will be:

12.30pm          Reception
1.00pm            Lunch (served with wine)
3.00pm           Optional Tours of College
from 3.30pm   Tea (families welcome)

Lunch is for 1988 alumni only, but families are welcome to join us for the tea (no charge, but please do let us know numbers).

There is some B&B accommodation available in College which you can book here using the alumni discount code SOME1988.

Those currently registered to attend are:

  • Julia Aglionby
  • Jessica Bawden
  • Rebecca Briscoe (nee Copsey)
  • Susan Broster
  • Judith Buttigieg
  • Catherine Campbell (nee Mawby)
  • Samantha Campbell-Breeden (nee Thian)
  • Sarah Crisp
  • Marguarita Davison (nee Tyne)
  • Janice Dean
  • Caroline Elliott
  • Ceri Erskine (nee Simon)
  • Caroline Fallon (nee Pugh)
  • Libby Flackett (nee Field)
  • Stephanie Friend-Smith (nee Friend)
  • Katie Ghose
  • Heather Grabbe
  • Lucinda Hallan
  • Rose Hardy (nee Briant)
  • Claire Jacob (nee Evans)
  • Gillian Kane
  • Alexandra Lawrence (nee Haywood)
  • Sarah Matthews (nee Gregory)
  • Kate McLoughlin
  • Jane Meaden (nee Willoughby)
  • Sara Nix (nee Field)
  • Anna Poole
  • Clare Prout (nee Matthews)
  • Amanda Ringer (nee Clayton)
  • Tamsin Roques (nee Sylvester-Bradley)
  • Catherine Walker
  • Claire Wansbury (nee Sketch)
  • Amy Whidburn (nee Piper)
  • Trudie Wigley (nee Rothery)
  • Rachel Wintour (nee Sylvester)
  • Nicola Woodcock (nee Voss)

The College has lost touch with some of our alumni – their names are listed below. If you know where they might be, please pass our Reunion invitation on to them and encourage them to contact us at

  • Michelle D Fitzwater (nee Watkins)
  • Lara Baden-Semper
  • Lina Shadid
  • Anella E Munro
  • Sarah Gregory
  • Anne S Davies
  • Ina Verstl
  • Naomi A Wormell
  • Claire E Bateman (nee Hickson)
  • Laura R Woffenden
  • Shemila Mirza
  • Sara R Johnson
  • Melanie H McLain (nee Hoyland)
  • Sophie A Wright

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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