1977 40th Reunion

14th April 2018, Somerville College

Dear Somervillian,

The autumn of 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of our arrival as Freshers at Somerville; by this time 40 years ago I expect most of us were getting into the swing of Oxford life. We would like to look back on this exciting time and celebrate with a ‘Ruby’ luncheon in College on Saturday 14 April 2018. Please come! We would love to see you – there will be time to catch up, think about the past and the future, renew friendships and make new ones. As the date will be just outside term time, it will be possible to book B&B (ensuite!) accommodation in College, so you could enjoy a spring weekend in Oxford.

After lunch on 14 April there will be a 15 minute talk by Caroline Alexander entitled ‘Not to you, my child, are given the deeds of war’: Women and the Classics. Also during the afternoon, there will be an opportunity to have a tour of new parts of the College and see plans for future developments (designed to accommodate all undergraduates within College). All this is optional – you may just want to chat! The reunion lunch is for alumni only, but your partners are welcome to join us for tea at the end of the afternoon. We hope that the Principal and some Fellows may also be able join us.

There will be a reception (and photograph) before lunch at 12.30; luncheon at 1.00pm; tea at 3.30pm. The charge per head is £30. There is no extra charge for partners coming to tea, but we will need to know numbers. There is a limited amount of B&B accommodation available for the Friday and Saturday nights at a cost of £71 for an ensuite in the newest building, or £56 for a room in the older parts of College.

During the reunion there will be an exhibition of memorabilia – so please look for out any items you may have to remind us of the ‘70s (such as photographs, newspaper cuttings, etc), and we will display them. There will also be a Library exhibition of publications by members of our year.

The College has lost touch with some of the members of the year and if you can help us to reconnect with any of them, please email Liz Cooke on

We think a pre-lunch catch up may also be a help. If you would like to send in a brief resumé of your life after Somerville (no more than 100 words max to we will compile a ‘Ruby Bulletin’; you can of course have an entry in this whether you are able to come to the luncheon or not. But we do hope that you will come. Please also spread the word and encourage your friends to come too. We have a 1977 Facebook Group.

We very much look forward to seeing you.
Cindy Gallop (English), Katherine Lack (Taylor, DPhil), Hilary Manning (History), Sue Pepper (Russell, History), Kati Whitaker (PPE)



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