1967 50th Anniversary Reunion

13th-14th September 2017


Autumn 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of those who matriculated in 1967; to celebrate the occasion, a reunion will be taking place in College when there will be time to catch up, think about the past and the future, renew friendships and make new ones.

Join us on September 13-14 for a programme of events including dinner in hall, a Q&A with the Principal, Senior Tutor and Treasurer as well as an informal discussion of Somerville and After chaired by Susie Worthington (Middleditch, Mod Lang) and Alison Wolf (Potter, PPE).

Book your tickets & accommodation by contacting Brigitte in the Alumni & Development Office on 01865 280 626, or return a completed booking form to the Alumni Office, Somerville College, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HD. You can also submit the booking form via email to

You can contribute to the 1967 50th Anniversary Year Gift via the Alumni & Development Office as above, or by completing the booking form. Find out more about the Annual Fund (of which the Bursary Fund is one aspect) at Somerville here.

List of Lost Alumni.

Please see below for a letter from your 1967 Reunion Committee.

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Dear Somervillian

The autumn of 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of our arrival as Freshers at Somerville and we hope to celebrate the occasion with as many of us as possible by organising a 2-day reunion in College on 13-14 September.  We would love to see you; it will be time to catch up, reflect, renew friendships and forge new ones.

The  University’s annual Alumni Weekend will be held 15-17 September so we hope that some of us will come to both events and that this will make a journey to Somerville all the more worthwhile for those who live a long distance away.  Please spread the word to those of our contemporaries who may not be on email, or not in touch with the College at all. There are nine people for whom the College has no address: Cynthia Carver, Elspeth Cooke (Grant), Ruth Heeks (Stone), Adriana Lawrence, Constance Nyatta (Turnbull), Auriol Roberts, Hilary Sellick, Sarah Tiller, Louise Wignall. If you are in touch with any of these people, please persuade them to disclose their contact details to the College by writing to or emailing Liz Cooke, so that we may include them too.

A small group of us have come together to plan the reunion and our names and picture appear below.  If you would like to get more involved in making the arrangements, please just let us know.

As a prelude to the reunion Joanna French (Raeburn), Gwenda Scarlett (Stilliard) and Alison Burns have very kindly volunteered to produce a booklet of biographies for the year and you will also find attached a letter from them about this project. We should like this to include as many people as possible, so please do contribute.

During the reunion there will be a Library exhibition of publications by members of our year and there will also be an exhibition of memorabilia – so please search out anything you may have to remind us of the ‘60s (photographs, programmes, newspaper cuttings, etc) and we will display these during the reunion. We also hope to collect photos for a collage and make a collaborative video of the event, to put on the college website afterwards.

It seems appropriate after 50 years to look back and ask ourselves  – What did Somerville do for us? What difference did it make to our lives?

Do we wish future generations to have the benefit of the sort of Oxford education we had?  For this reason we would like to suggest a 50th anniversary year gift for the College’s Bursary Fund and in a week or two we will send you another communication about this. We hope you will come to this reunion and contribute to the biographies booklet, regardless of whether you wish to join in any giving.  For the moment it is only necessary to say that if the reunion can be classified as a charity fundraising event it will be VAT exempt and therefore the College charges to you for this for this Reunion will not be subject to VAT (currently 20%).

We very much hope that most members of the year will be able to join us here this September and we really look forward to seeing you.  Our matriculation photograph is on the College website, so if you would like to see yourself as you were in 1967, please take a look.

For more details of the reunion programme, booking arrangements and the opportunity to make a contribution to the 1967 class gift to the Bursary Fund, please see above.

With warmest good wishes, (From left to right on the photo:)

Rosemary FitzGibbon, (MCR,

Elaine Moore, (Chemistry, )

Miggy Biller  (Minio, Maths,

Michele Roberts  (English, )

Joanna French (Raeburn, Physiology,,

Susie Worthington (Middleditch,  Mod Langs,

Gwenda Scarlett  (Stilliard, History, )

Alison Burns  (Lit.Hum,

And sadly not on the photo but definitely on the Committee –  Alison Wolf  (Potter, PPE,  )


1967 booking form

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