1957 60th Anniversary Reunion Lunch

17th November 2017, Somerville College

Join us on November 17th for the 60th anniversary of those who matriculated in 1957; to celebrate the occasion, a reunion will be taking place in College.

You can book either by telephoning Isabel on 01865 280626 and paying by debit card, or by sending a cheque to the Alumni Office, Somerville College, Oxford, OX2 6HD; cheques payable to Somerville College. Please include a note about any dietary or other requirements and details of any extra guest for tea.

We regret that we have very little parking space available in College and priority is given to the disabled. Please let us know if you require parking for the event.

Please see below for a letter from members of the year.

Difficult though it may be to believe, it is now sixty years since we came up to Somerville as Freshers. What better moment to get everyone together again? So we are planning a 60th anniversary luncheon at Somerville on Friday 17th November and hope that everyone who can manage to travel to Oxford will come. By that time the ‘new’ Principal, Baroness Royall, will be getting towards the end of her first term and she looks forward to meeting as many of you as possible.


12.15pm     Reception

1.00pm       Lunch

3.30pm       Tea (Partners are warmly invited)

Price for the day: £30

We shall be arranging for a ‘year photograph’ and after lunch, if you like, you can do a tour of Somerville to see recent developments, or you can watch the wonderful BBC film of Dame Janet’s life; or of course you can simply chat and catch up with old friends. We look forward to seeing you and hope that as many of you as possible will join us to make this a memorable reunion. Please encourage your friends to come too.

Henrietta Dombey (Roberts, English),
Deirdre Flintoff (Hill, Mod Langs),
Penny Forsyth (Stewart, History),
Hilary Heltay (Nicholson, Mod Langs),
Mary Howard (Maries, History),
Elaine Lever (Kelsey, English),
Helen Mawson (Fuller, Lit Hum),
Charity Scott Stokes (English),
Margaret Windsor (Lee, Physics).

At the reunion, we plan to hand out a list of contact details of those who are attending.  If you do not wish your details to be included on this list, please do say so when booking. Please also click here for a list of your year that we do not have contact details for. If you are in touch with any of them please email us their details so that we can invite them.

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