Xand van Tulleken

Doctor and television presenter

Xand (Alexander) van Tulleken grew up in London and came to Somerville in 1996 to study Physiological Sciences. After qualifying as a doctor, he specialised in tropical medicine and as a junior doctor worked in Darfur during the genocide, sparking an interest in the interaction between politics and medicine. He has a diploma in Tropical Medicine, a diploma in International Humanitarian Assistance and a Master’s in Public Health from Harvard, where he was a Fulbright Scholar

Van Tulleken has worked most often with his twin brother Chris (who studied Medicine at St Peter’s College, Oxford), exploring human biology and putting theories about health and medicine to the test on shows including Operation Ouch!, Trust me, I’m a Doctor and The Twinstitute. Alongside his media appearances, he continues with medical research and teaching, holding an honorary fellowship at the Fordham Institute in New York. He is a contributing editor to the first edition of the Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine. Van Tulleken continues to practise medicine in conflict zones, and has worked as a patron of international medical charities including Doctors of the World UK and Doctors Medical Emergency Relief International.

Xand van Tulleken on Somerville ‘Oxford can be an intimidating place but Somerville – a former women’s college – is welcoming to absolutely everyone. If you’re thinking of applying, check it out. Amazing tutors and students.’ ‘Also: they produced TWO prime ministers, a Nobel prize winner, some of the most amazing women the world has seen in science and the humanities (and a Bafta nominated CBBC presenter!).’

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