Undergraduate reports and academic feedback

Undergraduate reports

Your tutors will write termly reports on your work with them. The reports are available for you to read online using OxCORT, the Oxford Colleges On-line Reports for Tutorials system. You can log in using your Oxford Single Sign On username and password, using the “Log in to OxCORT” button on the right-hand side of the page.

You should usually be able to see your reports for a given term from Monday of 9th week. If you’re unable to view the content of your reports, please check with your Personal Tutor in the first instance that your reports have been released to you on OxCORT.

Your Personal Tutor sees all of your reports, and is willing to discuss your academic progress at any time. In addition, at the end of each term, you will have a Report Reading with your Personal Tutor, when you will go over the term’s reports with them.


Academic Feedback

The College and the JCR value undergraduates’ comments on the teaching you receive., and constructive feedback is extremely valuable to the College, whether positive or negative.

Academic feedback sessions are organised by the JCR. Please contact the JCR Academic Officer for further details.

If you have specific concerns about your teaching that you feel unable to discuss with your tutor, you should arrange to see the Senior Tutor in confidence.