Collections are College exams intended to monitor academic progress, and are less formal than University exams

At the beginning of each term, many undergraduates sit Collections. Although they are less formal than University exams, good performance and evidence of excellent progress may be rewarded with a prize, and a serious view is taken of failure to attend or of inadequate performance.

Your tutors should be able to tell you at the end of a term whether you will have any Collections the following term, and you must return to College in good time after the vacation (i.e. the Wednesday of 0th week) ready to sit Collections.

Sessions are always held on Friday and Saturday of 0th Week, at the following times:

09.30 – 12.30
14.30 – 17.30

You may also occasionally be set Collections at other times during the year.

The Tutorial and Graduate Officer handles all practical arrangements for Collections. If you already have permission from the Proctors to have extra time and/or use of a computer in University exams, you may, if you wish, also request these arrangements for Collections, if you give enough notice.

Please contact the Tutorial and Graduate Officer as soon as possible to discuss such arrangements.


Late return from vacation

If you have a serious reason why you will not be able to return after the vacation in time to sit scheduled Collections (e.g. illness, family emergency) then you must contact the following as soon as possible:

  • your personal tutor
  • the Academic Office
  • the lodge (to advise you will not be signing in by the 0th week Wednesday deadline)

Please note that social events (family or otherwise) are not deemed a serious reason for failure to return to College on time.