Deans and Junior Deans

The Decanal team consists of:

The Dean: Professor Simon Kemp (MT 2019), who will be replaced by Professor Beate Dignas in Hilary 2019.

  • The Dean is in charge of non-academic discipline of Junior Members and the College’s Rules, as set out in the College Handbook. The Deans Regulations and Decanal Disciplinary Procedure explain students’ obligations as members of the College community. In certain circumstances, Junior Members may be summoned to see the Dean during weekly Dean’s Hour. Junior members are reminded that such summons take priority over any academic, sporting or social engagement.
  • Dean’s Hour takes place on Tuesdays (13.00 – 14.00) in Maitland 20.

The Junior Deans: Sybilla Pereira, Alex Sheader, and Ashley Raghu

  • One of the Junior Deans is on call every night from 7pm until 7am and over the weekend. They deal with urgent disciplinary matters and also provide crisis welfare support for students experiencing pastoral problems outside of office hours. The Junior Deans also sign off student event requests for the Quad, Brittain-Williams Room and Flora Anderson Hall.

Please contact the Deans via, or by calling 07805 784964 between 7pm and 7am or over the weekend.