coverIn a record year, thirteen Somerville Students were awarded Principal’s Prizes, up from the eight that were awarded last year.

The Prizes are for students who scored in the top 5% or better in their subject, gained top marks for a  project or dissertation, or came first in a particular set of papers in a University examination. Each student receives £250 for the prize, which is given in addition to the University or Departmental prizes.

This year, they were awarded to:

  • Anna Clark (2013) who came in the top 5% of her year in History (pictured).
  • Susannah Fleiss (2013) who came third out of 109 finalists in Biological Sciences.
  • Dan-Andrei Gheorghe (2013) who won the G-Research prize for best project in Computer Science.
  • Joseph Gilfillan (2013) who came in the top 5% in his third-year Engineering Science exams.
  • Anthony Guo (2013) who won a Hoare Prize for the best overall performance in Computer Science.
  • Jonathan Lawrence (2012) who came top in his year in European and Middle Eastern Languages (pictured).
  • Charlotte McLean (2012) who came third out of 115 Classics finalists across the University, in addition to winning the highly prestigious Arnold Ancient History Essay Prize.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez (2013) who came second out of 122 people in his third-year Physics exams.
  • Andrew Smith (2012) who came second in his year in his Physics Finals.
  • Brigitte Stenhouse (2012) who won the Gibbs Prize for the best dissertation in Mathematics in her year.
  • Brigitta Summers (2012) who came top in her year in the joint honours school of History and Modern Languages.
  • Tsz (Terence) Tang (2012) who came top of his year in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.
  • Chengzhi (Tom) Zhou (2012) who came top of his year in Engineering Science finals.

Charlotte Mclean

‘I was absolutely delighted with my results,’ said prize-winner Charlotte Mclean. ‘I never imagined I would do so well and it speaks volumes for the amazing tuition I received that I achieved what I did. The prize is very kind, and will go towards a Goethe institute course I am hoping to do this autumn in preparation for spending a few months in Berlin.’

The academic performance of students across college has been so great that it has boosted our performance in the Norrington table up seven places to number 20 – our best ranking in recent years. This also comes with last week’s news that Somerville is part of the best University in the world, as Oxford is now ranked by the Times Higher Education.


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