Somerville Medic is named joint ‘proxime accessit’ winner in Finals

21st April 2021

Congratulations to Eva Zilber on her performance in Part II of the Bachelor of Medicine Finals, which has seen her named joint winner of the ‘proxime accessit’ for Best Overall Performance prize in Finals.

Eva celebrating with the other Somerville medics

Eva’s performance in Part II of the BM is superb, not least when one considers that the 150 students who sat the exam were selected from a pool of 1,900 highly eligible applicants. To achieve proxime accessit in such a competitive environment, therefore, is a result of which Eva should be very proud.

Of her achievement, Eva commented, ‘My fellow medics and I have had such incredible teaching and support from all our tutors over the past 6 years! It’s been a privilege and a joy to be part of the Somerville community, and I hope we’ll come back to college again and again in the years to come.

‘I also can’t wait to celebrate with my parents, little sister, and my boyfriend when I see them next, since it’s their love which keeps me going!’

Eva with her family and boyfriend

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