Principal’s Prizes 2017

22nd September 2017

Prizes mainCongratulations to the 22 Somerville students who have been awarded Principal’s Prizes this year!

Principal’s Prizes are awarded to those students (undergraduate and graduate) who scored in the top 10% or better of their University-wide subject cohort, and/or to those gaining top marks for a dissertation or project or in a particular set of papers. Each Principal’s prize is worth £250, and is awarded in addition to University or Departmental prizes.

Read about prizewinners Anna Clark, Cora Salkovskis and Peter Thompson, and visit the site again to meet more prizewinners in the coming weeks.

This year’s prizewinners are:


Amrit Bal (Biochemistry)

Pauline Chatelan (Modern Languages)

Dan-Andrei Gheorghe (Computer Science)

Callum Hall (Chemistry)

Michael Hutcheon (Physics)

Prannay Kaul (Engineering Science)

Jakob Kastelic (Physics)

Angelica Lindsey-Clark (Biochemistry)

Joshua McStay (History)

Lenard Ee-Jin Ong (Engineering Science)

Eduardo Rodriguez (Physics)

Miranda Rogers (Medicine – Preclinical)

Peter Thompson (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

Stuart Webber (English Language and Literature)

Quinn Western (Music)



Anna Clark (British and European History)

Deepa Kurup (Development Studies)

Jonathan Lawrence (Oriental Studies)

Florian Remele (Modern Languages)

Josephine Robertson (Medicine – Graduate Entry)

Cora Salkovskis (British and European History)

Bonan Sang (Mathematical and Computational Finance)


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