The Lodge

Mark  and the team of Lodge Porters are responsible for keeping The Lodge staffed at all times.

The Lodge is staffed day and night.  Whilst providing a friendly welcome, The Lodge staff also monitor College security, post, fire alarms and a multitude of other tasks.  If in doubt the lodge will always help you out!

All visitors are welcome but non-Somervillians may be asked to sign in at The Lodge.  If you are staying at Somerville and have any questions for The Lodge, you might find this list of commonly asked questions useful, as it has plenty of local and Somerville information.

You can contact the Lodge on 01865-270600 or email them

If you would like to know more about the area, please see Local Information. If you are staying at the College as a guest and have questions about facilities, please see Common Questions.

Fire Safety Policy for Somerville College