2020 arrival information for Graduate Entry Medicine students

Please read the following information about arriving at Somerville.

Arrival dates

The Graduate Entry Medicine course starts on Friday 25th September.

Arrivals this year are staggered to reduce the number of students arriving at one time. In early September you will be invited to book a 90-minute arrival slot on your arrival dates.

  • Home (UK) new UG arrivals – arrive on Thursday 24th September 2020
  • International new UG arrivals (no quarantine) – arrive on Thursday 24th September 2020
  • International new UG arrivals (quarantine requirement) – on Monday 7th September 2020

Please note that due to quarantining graduate and undergraduate students it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate you early.

College accommodation

Students will be contacted directly about their specific accommodation allocation.

Quarantine accommodation and food is chargeable. Please see Covid-19 quarantining information.

Travelling to Somerville

A map showing the location of Somerville is available on the College website.

Parking and unloading

Please note that parking is extremely limited within the College and it is not possible to unload inside college.

This year we regret that parents, friends and others who may accompany you to college will not be permitted inside college. This is to protect the students and staff living and working in college. We understand that this will be very disappointing but it is extremely important that this rule is respected.

If you have mobility difficulties please contact the Lodge Manager (lodge.manager@some.ox.ac.uk) who can make arrangements for you. There are double yellow lines at the front of the College and parking there will be entirely at the driver’s own risk. If you have any queries about parking or unloading, please email the Lodge Manager (lodge.manager@some.ox.ac.uk).

On arrival

When you arrive at the College, please arrive at the main entrance on Woodstock Road (see map above). There will be a marquee through the main doors in the first quad where the Lodge team will give you your room key and access card. Please report here on arrival.

Trolleys will be available for you to unload your belongings and take them to your room once you have collected your keys and access card. The trolleys will be cleaned regularly. Please return the trolley after use.

A welcome pack of information will be waiting for you in your room. This will include instruction about how to access the WIFI and college network.