Vikranth Harthikote Nagaraja

Associate, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development; Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Natural Interactions Lab. 

Vikranth is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Natural Interactions Lab. 

His research focusses primarily on the development of 3D-printed paediatric prosthetic arms for low- and middle-income settings.


Examining the needs of affordable upper limb prosthetic users in India: A questionnaire-based survey
V H. Nagaraja, JHM Bergmann, D Sen, MS Thompson (2016)
Technology and Disability 28 (3), 101-110

Design and development of Fiber Bragg Grating sensing plate for plantar strain measurement and postural stability analysis
ASG Prasad, SN Omkar, V H. Nagaraja, V Anil, K Chethana, S Asokan (2014)
Measurement 47, 789-793

A novel prevailing torque threaded fastener and its analysis
BSC Ranjan, V H. Nagaraja, A Ghosal (2013)
ASME Journal of Mechanical Design 135 (10), 101007

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