Jay Patel

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; David Clarke EPSRC Fellow

My research interests are in hybrid inorganic-organic semiconductors, with a particular focus on photovoltaics.

I am currently the principal investigator of a research project to develop multi-junction perovskite solar cells with a high power-to-weight ratio at the National Thin Film Cluster Facility for Advanced Functional Materials, which is hosted by Oxford Physics. I am also a Teaching Volunteer at the International Rescue Committee where I give weekly science, maths and English classes to educate refugee children during the academic year.

In the past I have worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and University of Colorado Boulder, looking at the behaviour of perovskite photovoltaics in terrestrial and non-terrestrial environments. I obtained my DPhil in Physics from the University of Oxford after gaining a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Warwick.


Selected Publications

  • Temperature Coefficients of Perovskite Photovoltaics for Energy Yield Calculations.T
    Moot†, JB Patel†, G McAndrews, D. Morales, EJ Wolf, IE Gould, BA Rosales, CC Boyd, LM Wheeler, P Parilla, S Johnston, LT Schelhas, MD McGehee, JM Luther
    (†Equal Contribution)
    ACS Energy Letters 6, 5, 2038–2047, 2021
  • Light Absorption and Recycling in Hybrid Metal Halide Perovskites Photovoltaic Devices
    JB Patel, AD Wright, K Lohmann, K Peng, CQ Xia, JM Ball, NK Noel, TW Crothers, HJ Snaith, LM Herz, MB Johnston
    Advanced Energy Materials 10, 1903653, 2020
  • Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Perovskite Solar Cells over a Wide Temperature Range from 15 to 350 K
    JB Patel, Q Lin, O Zadvorna, CL Davies, LM Herz, MB Johnston
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 1, 263-268, 2018
  • Influence of Interface Morphology on Hysteresis in Vapor‐Deposited Perovskite Solar Cells
    JB Patel, J Wong‐Leung, S Van Reenen, N Sakai, JTW Wang, ES Parrott, M Liu, HJ Snaith, LM Herz, MB Johnston
    Advanced Electronic Materials 3, 2, 1600470, 2017
  • Formation Dynamics of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Following Two-Step Layer Deposition
    JB Patel, RL Milot, AD Wright, LM Herz, MB Johnston
    The journal of physical chemistry letters 7, 96-102, 2016

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