Anant Jani

Associate, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development; Honorary Research Fellow, Value Based Healthcare Programme, Department of Primary Health Care Sciences

Anant is an honorary research fellow in the Value Based Healthcare Programme in the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences at the University of Oxford.

He is interested in understanding how we can improve population health through social prescriptions and by addressing social determinants of health.

Given the negative impact of severe heat on morbidity and mortality, he sees access to cooling (both passive and active) as a social determinant of health and cooling as a potential healthcare intervention. In this capacity he works with the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Cooling, which is co-lead by the Research Director of the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, Radhika Khosla.

Prior to his position at the University of Oxford, Anant worked in Europe and the Middle East to help healthcare systems within these countries to focus more on value-based healthcare. Anant has a PhD in immunology from Yale University.

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