Zineb completed her MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management in 2020.

I am a water enthusiast from Morocco. I completed a Bachelor in Engineering and Management Science during which I dedicated both my bachelor thesis and applied research projects to the groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh. A case where water access, security and equity, topics I am truly passionate about, are put to test. My work revolved around the biosorption technology as it presents a simple, cheap and sustainable solution that could guarantee the water needs of millions of people who are consuming that poisonous water.

I could not be more excited and proud to start my MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management. Not only will I get to be a part of the School of The Environment and Geography, a world leading institute renowned for its ground-breaking research, but I will also have the opportunity to tackle the water field from a multidisciplinary approach which will be instrumental for my future professional career. This program will allow me to explore more of my endless water related interests such as: mitigation of urban water challenges and the importance of transboundary water management. I hope my journey at Oxford will lead me to a career in international development where water expertise is key to achieve sustainable societies.

Joining a revolutionary college that was established by the ambitions of outstanding, strong and fearless women, is an honour that I shall never take for granted. As a Somervillian, it became my responsibility to maintain this legacy of breaking boundaries and seeking opportunities to make a change around us.

Being the first person to graduate high school and university in my family, it is always empowering when opportunities to further pursue my academic and professional goals prevail. If there is one thing my family have always emphasised on, it would be the importance of education to change one’s life and world. I am indeed about to embark a life changing experience because of this generous scholarship, for which I will be eternally grateful.